2010 Articles of Interest


Commercial property loans pose new threat

Why I Don't Believe In This Santa Rally

Alabama Town's Failed Pension Is a Warning

Bailed-Out Banks Slip Toward Failure

Italy's debt costs approach red zone

Japan’s Consumer Prices Fall as Deflation Persists (Update1)

UK budget deficit balloons to record high

Pimco says 'untenable' policies will lead to eurozone break-up

Why China's Leading Indicators Are A Big Flashing Warning Light To Albert Edwards; A Triple Dip Headfake In The US?

Albert Edwards On The Market: "I Do Not Really Have One Scintilla Of Doubt That This Will All End In Tears - Again"

China's credit bubble on borrowed time as inflation bites

ECB fears on Irish bank Bill

Despite Wealth, Nassau County Is in Fiscal Crisis

The Hidden Message of the Consumer Credit Statistical Release

Barclays Capital Said to Plan More Job Cuts by End of January

Berlusconi Ministers Quit to Force Government Collapse (Update1)

Channel Stuffing At GM?

EU rescue costs start to threaten Germany itself

Family's Fall From Affluence Is Swift and Hard

Foreclosed Homes for Sale in Spain May Triple in 2011 (Update1)

Germany Set for Record Deficit

Governor of Bank of Ireland Patrick Honohan attacks 'unsatisfactory' accounting rules for banks

Greece Wins EU Pledge for Extension to Repay Bailout (Update1)

Ireland's Debt Servitude

Ireland’s reparations burden

New Jersey Cities Firing Cops Amid Budget Turmoil (Update2)

Roche to Cut Jobs in SF2.4 Billion Cost-Reduction (Update4)

Spain, Italy Seek Action


Ireland Becomes Second Euro Nation to Seek Aid (Update2)

Building 'lowest for 20 years'

Portugal next as EMU's Máquina Infernal keeps ticking

Bank of America Edges Closer to Tipping Point: Jonathan Weil

ECB Rejects Request for Greek Swap Files, Citing ‘Acute’ Risks

German Finance Minister Attacks Fed Move Again: Report

Germany attacks US economic policy

Greece’s Deficit Revised to Largest in EU as Debt Tops Italy

Millions of Britons living beyond their means

Schwarzenegger Declares Emergency, Calls Special Budget Session

The liquidity and momentum trade de rigueur

US deficit plan looks to cut $4,000bn

Wall Street Takes $4 Billion From Taxpayers as Swaps Backfire

36 Offices Beefing Up Security Before Benefits Set To End

Treasury Hid A.I.G. Loss, Report Says

Bernanke ‘Doesn’t Understand’ Economics, Rogers Says (Update1)

In Spain, Homes Are Taken but Debt Says

Backlash against Fed’s $600bn easing

Irish Bondholders in Pain Again as Cost Cuts Bite: Euro Credit

Shrinking Bank Revenue Signals Worst Decade of Growth (Update1)


Anglo Irish Offers Investors 20 Cents in Debt Swap (Update2)

False expectations

Government job cuts ravage California

Greece Back In Spotlight With Spreads Surging After Latest Bank Of Greece Report Shows Major Contraction

Lloyds to axe a further 4,500 jobs in its IT arm

Part-time workers make up nearly a third of UK workforce

UK unveils dramatic austerity measures

Alstom to Cut 4,000 Jobs in Scaleback of Fossil-Fuel Operation

Banks' $4 trillion debts are 'Achilles’ heel of the economic recovery', warns IMF

Europe Services, Manufacturing Cool as Retail Sales Decline

Iceland Banks May Forgive $2 Billion After Protests (Update1)

Ireland should honour its debts, says Irish business federation chief Danny McCoy

Joseph Stiglitz: the euro may not survive

Let the equity bear market resume

NY Fed takes $180m hit on Hilton debt restructuring

S&P 500 curiosity, du jour

S&P 500 Profits Cut for First Time in Year by Analysts (Update1)


Backlash over China curb on metal exports

China's Policies Ensure State Enterprises Growth

Germany’s rebound is no cause for cheer

Moody's Issues Stern Warning On China's Pyramid Bank Recapitalization Scheme; Has CIC Entered A Funding Crisis?

Fed Loses Bid for Review of Bailout Disclosure Ruling (Update1)

Millionaire Confidence Plummets

Public Pensions and Our Fiscal Future

Vodafone joins queue of firms to leave China

America no longer needs Chinese money, for now

BoA sees US double-dip danger from `fiscal chicken'

California Bill Would Force State Agencies to Take IOU Payments

Greek Banks Under Pressure to Merge as Profits Slump (Update1)

Landsbanki’s Bond Holders May Get Next to Nothing (Update1)

New 'debt boom' fears as banks offer 'more generous credit card deals'

S&P 500 Refusing to Fall Shown in Mining Valuations (Update2)

Spain uses social security fund to prop up the bond market

At Least Half of Shanghai, Beijing Flats Are Vacant (Update1)

Government urged to reveal 'true' national debt of £4.8 trillion

In Striking Shift, Small Investors Flee Stock Market

Pension Fraud in New Jersey Puts Focus on Illinois

With consumers slow to spend, businesses are slow to hire

Retail Spaces Lead Drop in U.S. Commercial Property (Update3)

Greek crisis refuses to go away

Analysis: Stellar German recovery masks euro zone strains

Uncle Sam, Venture Capitalist

Banker Works for Free as Euro Founding Father Rescuing Greeks

Chinese economy eclipses Japan’s

Ireland can withstand the euro's ordeal by fire, but can Southern Europe?

Homebuilder Confidence in U.S. Unexpectedly Drops (Update2)

Debts Rise, and Go Unpaid, as Bust Erodes Home Equity

Central Banks in Europe Said to Have Purchased Irish Notes; Yields Decline

Irish Banks Rattling Nerves

Greek Recession Deepens

Spain banks tap ECB funding heavily in July

Economy Lost Momentum While I Was Pulling Weeds: Caroline Baum

BIS: it's the implicit taxpayer guarantee that drives banks to get bigger

German Industrial Production Unexpectedly Declines (Update2)

Stiglitz Says U.S. Faces ‘Anemic Recovery,’ Needs More Stimulus

Hungarians Battle to Keep Homes in Face of Strong Swiss Franc

Chinese Manufacturing Growth Slows

Bernanke Says U.S. Consumer Spending to Accelerate (Update3)

U.S. Economy: Consumer Spending Stagnates, Home Sales Retreat

Reckless Europe beats reckless America at property bubbles

State-Owned Bidders Fuel China's Land Boom

Banks on Europe’s Edge Face $122 Billion Bill: Credit Markets


Black & Decker, Masco Forecasts Signal Slow Confidence Recovery

Chinese banks face state loans turmoil

US Corporate Cash

Anatomy of Lehman's Failure, and the Importance of Liquidity Requirements


Drip after drip of deflation data

FDIC to Issue Bonds Backed by Residential Mortgages (Update1)

Gift From Fed Stops as Profits Shrink at Banks Led by JPMorgan

Treasuries at Odds With Stocks

China’s Banks Said to See Risks in 23% of $1.1 Trillion Loans

Loblaw seeing price deflation

UK economy grows at the fastest pace in four years

Verizon Beats Estimates on Demand for Droid Phones (Update2)

Watch out, the great £50bn property unload is about to begin

British banks face £390bn 'funding gap'

Payrolls Fall in 27 U.S. States, Led by California (Update2)

Hungary's IMF revolt augurs ill for Greece

Stress-testing Europe's banks won't stave off a deflationary vortex

Official - China's Slowdown Helping Restructuring

Debt shuffling will be a self-defeating exercise

Part-time workforce at record levels

Sales at U.S. Retailers Decreased for a Second Month (Update2)

U.S. Home Seizures Rise 38% to Record as Banks Process Backlog

Spain 'relying on short-term funding' as councils go bust

Spanish Banks Boost ECB Borrowing to Record in June (Update2)

Europe's Bank Test Results Expected Soon, but Details May Lag

Crisis Awaits World's Banks as Trillions Come Due

U.S. Crash Looms Without Roadmap Directions: Caroline Baum

IMF tells Europe to inject more stimulus

Bank Profits Depend on Debt-Writedown ‘Abomination’ in Forecast

German Factory Orders Unexpectedly Fell in May (Update1)

Japan Machine Orders Slump Most Since 2008 as Recovery Slows

Merkel’s Cabinet Backs $103 Billion Budget-Cut Plan (Update1)

Office Vacancy Rate in U.S. Climbs to 17-Year High, Reis Says

US shopping center vacancy rates rose in 2nd

China's property market braced for 30pc drop

Europe risks failing the real test on banks

Lumber Drops Most Allowed on Falling Demand in U.S., Canada

Illinois Stops Paying Its Bills, but Can't Stop Digging Hole

Profit Upgrades Clash With El-Erian’s Fading Recovery (Update2)

The Third Depression

With the US trapped in depression, this really is starting

Europe’s ‘toothless’ bank tests making matters worse

States of Crisis for 46 Governments Facing Greek-Style Deficits

European Banks’ Hidden Losses Threaten EU Stress Test (Update1)


Europe's banks are still on 'life support', BIS warns

Time to shut down the US Federal Reserve?

Baltic Index Has Biggest Weekly Drop Since 2008 on Iron Ore

Merkel Rejects Obama's Call to Spend

Spanish banks' stress tests questioned

Germany Rejects Obama’s Call on Growth, Stoking G-20 Conflict

Germany and France examine 'two-tier' euro

World Leaders Agree on Timetable for Cutting Deficits

RBS tells clients to prepare for 'monster' money-printing by the Federal Reserve

U.S. New Home Sales Drop 33% in May

U.S. Role in Mortgage Market Grows Even Larger

Soros tells Germany to step up to its responsibilities, or leave EMU

Economy in U.S. Slows as States Lose Federal Stimulus Funds

TPG admits to big buy-out paper losses

Obama pleads for $50 billion in state, local aid

CitiMortgage Suspends Foreclosures in Gulf Coast Region

Spain, Portugal Debt May ‘Snowball,’ EU Draft Says (Update1)

Global markets fear US Treasuries sell-off as China ends currency freeze

Cut Budgets to Stimulate, Central Bank Tells Europe

Summers cites recovery, risks He offers cautious view of conditions

In Budget Crisis, States Take Aim at Pension Costs

Reality of America’s fiscal mess starting to bite

Unwed Daughters in Greece Catch ‘Time Bomb’ in Pension Overhaul

ECB must buy 'hundred of billions' of bonds to tame Europe's debt crisis

Treasury bonds defy expectations

Italian economists slam austerity measures

Spanish debt wilts amid €250bn rescue plan confusion

Banks With State Debt Ignore Not-If-But-When Default (Update1)

U.S. Faces 'Severe' AIG Losses, Says Panel

Retail Sales in U.S. Fall as Consumers Boost Savings (Update2)

Cable in new bid to split banks

State Plan Makes Fund Both Borrower and Lender

Santander chief tries to calm fears over bank's financial strength

Pension Plans Go Broke as Public Payrolls Expand: Joe Mysak

AXA fears 'fatal flaw' will destroy eurozone

Debt Burden Falls Heavily on Germany and France

Europe’s Banks Face Second Funding Squeeze on Sovereign Crisis

New York Avoids Shutdown as Senate Pass Stopgap Bills (Update1)

Angela Merkel's government threatened with collapse

Political inertia complicates Belgian debt fears

European Leaders Back Stricter Oversight of National Budgets

Medicaid Cut Places States in Budget Bind

Power Grows for Striking Chinese Workers

Spain Hit by Strike Over Austerity Measures

Greece to sell stakes in railways, utilities

4-day school weeks gain popularity across US

Japan May Spark Next Sovereign Debt Crisis, Kusano Global Says

Merkel’s Cabinet Backs ‘Decisive’ Cuts as U.S. Urges Spending

Osborne outlines 20% cuts for a parliament

G20 drops support for fiscal stimulus

Cameron: 'Years of pain ahead'

China's Property Market Freezes Up

CitiFinancial U.S. Network to Become Profitable, McDowell Says

Bank of England: 'Inflation not the way out of debt'

Caja Credit Squeeze Spells Pain for Spain’s Companies, Workers

States Shrink ‘Unaffordable’ Benefits to Bridge $1 Trillion Gap

French Jobless Rate Holds at 9.9% as Recession Ends (Update1)

Greece’s Economic Plight Plays Out at Former Telecom Monopoly

Half a Dozen States Delay Tax Refunds

Consumers Felt a Chill in May

Falling retail sales dampen recovery hopes

Owners Stop Paying Mortgages, and Stop Fretting

Hungarian Forint Drops Most in World as Fidesz ‘Spooks’ Markets

Wal-Mart markdowns are sparking price wars

AEP to keep 10 units off line most of the year

CitiFinancial to Close 376 Branches, Cut 720 Jobs (Update1)

HP to Cut 9,000 Jobs and Take $1 Billion in Costs (Update2)

Fears Rise in Europe Over Potential for Deflation

Annaly Salvos on the Economy and Markets

Beijing in a sweat as China's economy overheats

Spain is trapped in a 'perverse spiral' as wage cuts deepen the crisis

France’s AAA rating ‘could be a stretch’

Spain races to avert banking crisis as euro faces slide


Bank of Spain Turns Screw on Savings Banks With Reserve Rule

Proposed Overhaul of Accounting Standards Contain Mark-to-Market Rule

Mortgage Lenders Seek Relief From Forced Bad Debt Repurchases

Pennsylvania Capital Harrisburg Won’t Cover June Debt Guarantee

Foreign U.S. Commercial Paper Issuance Falls Most in 10 Months

Easy Money, Hard Truths

Berlin Airport Staff Warn of Further Strikes After Walkout

Berlusconi Says Italian Cuts Necessary to Defend Euro (Update1)

French Unions Strike on Retirement Plans; Travel Impact Limited

City of Miami Going Broke

Double-dip fears over worldwide credit stress

US money supply plunges at 1930s pace as Obama eyes fresh stimulus

Defaults on Apartment-Building Loans Set Record for U.S. Banks

Osborne's austerity package is just the hors d'oeuvre

Recovery in U.S. to Exceed Previous Estimates, Economists Say

CajaSur Seizure Marks Change for Spain’s Ailing Banks (Update1)

Europe's deflation torture is a gift to the Far Left

Irish Miracle — or Mirage?

City fears of 'Great Depression Mark II'

'Perfect storm' as market tremors hit China, Europe and the US

European Businesses Hit in Credit Squeeze From Greek Crisis

Spain Passes Public Wage Cuts, Lowers Growth Outlook (Update1)

U.K. Posts Record April Deficit as Budget Looms (Update2)

Commercial Property Values Drop as Rebound Stalls (Update2)

Dubai World, Creditors Reach $23.5 Billion Debt Deal (Update4)

Funds embrace America in flight from risk

Junk Bonds Sell With Weakest Creditor Protection Since 2007

European shares, euro skid on German ban, Merkel

Goldman Sachs Hands Clients Losses in ‘Top Trades’ (Update1)

U.S. MBA Mortgage Applications Index Fell 1.5% Last Week

Schwarzenegger Seeks New Round of Cuts to Close Budget Deficit

Consumer Prices in U.S. Unexpectedly Drop, Core Rate Unchanged

How German Companies Bribed Their Way to Greek Deals

Portugal unveils ‘crisis tax’ to cut deficit

Spain’s fiscal austerity package

Spain’s Core Inflation Turns Negative for First Time (Update3)

Greece may never be able to pay off debts, says Deutsche Bank chief Ackermann

Schwarzenegger Preps ‘Terrible Cuts’ to Close Deficit (Update1)

Spain unveils billions in deficit cuts to halt eurozone crisis fears

Food-stamp tally nears 40 million, sets record

Unemployment passes 2.5million - highest since 1994

Illinois Budget Woes Come to a Boil

Governments up the stakes in their fight with markets

ECB risks its reputation and a German backlash over mass bond purchases

Shock and awe may not be enough to save Europe

Europe cracks in heat of Greece’s flames

ECB paralysis rattles markets as debt costs hit new highs

ECB in U-turn on junk bonds to save Greek banking system


Maastricht madhouse fuels EMU-wide contagion from Greece

Rogoff Says Greece May Not Be Europe’s Last Bailout (Update1) By Simon

GM Could Be in Hot Water With FTC Over Truth in Advertising

UK economic growth unexpectedly slows

Fannie and Freddie Amnesia

Homeowners find relief in foreclosure glut

Papandreou Faces Bond Rout as Budget Worsens, Workers Strike

New Jersey Voters Defeat Record Majority of School Budgets

Spain banks bad loans rise to 14-year high in Feb

IMF and Bundesbank fear contagion from Greece as bond spreads soar to fresh records

Threat of deflation stalks recovery

Still in a spin

U.S. States Face ‘Staggered’ Recovery, Pew Center’s Urahn Says

Was Fully Half Of Chinese Q1 GDP Simply Wasteful Projects?

For Banking, New Travails on the Lending Trail

Must Germany bail out Portugal too?

ICBC Says China’s Big Banks Need $70 Billion Capital (Update1)

Euphoria over Greek rescue fades as first cracks appear

Why the Greek rescue isn’t going to plan

Bundesbank attacks Greek rescue as a threat to stability

Home equity horror

UK savings 'lowest in 40 years'

Citigroup executives admit regret but no blame for role in financial crisis

Big Banks Mask Risk Levels

How $1 Trillion Time Bomb Posts a Phony Profit: Jonathan Weil

Start-Ups, Not Bailouts


Irish Banks Need $43 Billion on ‘Appalling’ Lending (Update4)

Insuring Against an End to Moral Hazard

State Debt Woes Grow Too Big to Camouflage

Ambac Regulator Takes Over to Avoid Asset ‘Scramble’ (Update1)

Half of U.S. Home Loan Modifications Default Again (Update1)

Dubai World wants eight years to pay debts

Pools That Need Some Sun

Vineyard Defaults Surge as Bargain Wines Hurt Napa (Update2)

Chinese Official Warns of Risk If Yuan Rises

Record numbers leave workforce

Europe's banks brace for UK debt crisis

Retail Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Rose in February (Update2)

Retail Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Rose in February (Update2)

Budget Deficit in U.S. Widens to Record $221 Billion (Update2)

China's Wen Jiabao says economic turnaround is not yet fundamental improvement

Don't go wobbly on us now, Ben Bernanke

Europe's Original Sin

Tymoshenko Loses Ukraine Vote, Moves Into Opposition (Update4)

China’s Hidden Debt Risks 2012 Crisis, Northwestern’s Shih Says


Don't be fooled: GDP was actually revised down

California is a greater risk than Greece, warns JP Morgan chief

Four Biggest Greek Banks Downgraded

Nationwide Strike Paralyzes Greece

Fitch Scratches an Itch

Sterling plunges as King warns on money scheme

European banks face showdown over €1 trillion of debt

Credit markets flash hottest warning signal since crisis

US bank lending falls at fastest rate in history

Timing The Exit As Competitve Devaluation Looms; Is The Euro 25% Overvalued? More Thoughts From Albert Edwards

Beijing Seen Vacant for 50% as Chanos Predicts Crash (Update1)

BOJ May Refrain From Easing Even as Deflation Deepens (Update2)

Britain and the PIGS

China Defaulting Loans Soar, Insolvency Lawyer Says (Update1)

Stuyvesant Town Ownership Hinges on Payment of $90 Million Tax

China’s Stocks Advance on Slower Inflation; Baoshan, Poly Climb

Ailing securitisation market hits Citi asset sales

Europe Commits to Action on Greek Debt

New Jersey Governor Declares Fiscal Emergency

How Goldman Sachs Helped Greece to Mask its True Debt

Greek Ouzo crisis escalates into global margin call as confidence ebbs

Is Greece’s Debt Trashing the Euro?


Spain and Portugal fight to calm investors

Retirement rumble ready to roll

Fears of 'Lehman-style' tsunami as crisis hits Spain and Portugal

Obama’s Pyramid Schemes Would Make Keynes Happy: Caroline Baum

State revenue shortfall $881 million, lawmakers told

Obama’s $6.3 Trillion Scam Is America’s Shame: Jonathan Weil

Sovereign debt fears rattle investors

Quants’ Risk-Free Ideas Sink Market, Cause Ruin: Susan Antilla

A Scoop of Double-Dip

Riksbank’s Ingves Sees 2010 Baltic Bank Losses at $3.7 Billion


Banks must raise billions to fend off crisis, says IMF

German January Unemployment Rises Amid Winter Freeze (Update1)

Villaraigosa says no bankruptcy for the city

Many are rejecting loan modifications

China Hits Its Mark - For Now

Chinese property sales soar on easy credit

Shanghai mortgages rise 1,600% in 2009

'Significant chance' of second financial crisis, warns World Economic Forum

New York budget plan a sign of things to come for the states

Illinois enters a state of insolvency

Builder Confidence Declines in January

S&P 500 E-Mini Volume Surge Is Under Review, CME Says (Update2)

Real Estate Bull Laub Sees Unprecedented Workout From Bad Debt

Contrarian Investor Sees Economic Crash in China

The Subsidy That Won't Die

Papandreou Vows EU10 Billion in Greek Deficit Cuts in EU Plan

German Economy Shrank 5% in 2009, More Than Forecast (Update3)

Is China Really Growing That Fast?

Non-Current Mortgages Hit Record High 13.2%: LPS

Airbus invokes doomsday in plea for cash

Yield curve can’t drive profits if banks won’t lend

America slides deeper into depression as Wall Street revels

UPS to Cut 1,800 Jobs, Says Profit Exceeds Forecast (Update2)

‘Worthless’ AIG Shares Belie Company’s Books: Jonathan Weil

GMAC Says Lender Will Post $5 Billion Quarterly Loss (Update1)

Europe’s Jobless Rate Unexpectedly Hits 11-Year High (Update2)

PBOC Stimulus Exit May See Rate Rise in Third Quarter (Update1)

Census Jobs May Jump-Start U.S. Employment Rebound in 2010

Schwarzenegger to seek permanent pay cuts to replace worker furloughs