2013 Articles of Interest


Euro-Zone Activity Rises, but Recovery Likely to be Choppy

OECD Global Inflation Rate Falls Further

Low Inflation Tests World's Central Banks

William Galston - A Decade of Decline in the American Dream

Testing Japan's Resolve to Grow


Job Gap Widens in Uneven Recovery

Stocks Drop Amid Fed Worries

Rosengren - Some Banks Need Higher Capital to Reduce Risks

Ukraine's Russian Bond Still Risky

Further Action Needed on Pensions, OECD Says


Government Shutdown - Capital Digs In for Long Haul

Bank of America Slashes Mortgage Jobs

Stocks Close Lower After Fed

Asian Shares Split After Mixed Data

Plans for Political Union Unravel in Europe


Bigs Lots Second-Quarter Profits Falls 18%, Company Lowers Outlook

Canada Household Debt Hits Record High in 2nd Quarter

Canada Sells Part of Its Stake in GM

Catalonia Would Need to Leave EU if it Secedes From Spain

John B. Taylor; The Weak Recovery Explains Rising Inequality, Not Vice Versa

Monte Paschi double planned capital hike to 2.5bn euros

Purchasing Power Falls for Euro-Zone Workers

Targeting the Fed's Inflation Problem

Wells Mortgage Revenue to Decline

Woodford's Theories Rooted in Japan Slump Embraced by Bernanke


American Incomes Face Tough Slog Over Next Few Decades

Canada sheds jobs as economy grinds its gears

David Rosenbrg, Get ready for higher interest rates and at least mild stagflation

Debt burden climbs as older Canadians borrow more

Debt Drags on China's Growth

Dutch Economy Springs Leak, Faces Stagnation

Fewer Bank Failures as Sector Heals

French Farmers Scramble to Drive Up Egg Prices

Greece should defy the gunboat creditors

Home Prices Rise Steeply in West, Sunbelt

Hong Kong creates more low skilled jobs than white collar employment

IMF crosses swords with Germany over crisis handling


Behind the Big Profits A Research Tax Break

China risks deflation trap as true GDP crumbles

China's Mea Culpa

Consumers buy big ticket goods

Euro-Zone Core Facing Budget Cuts

High egg prices

How Europe's Bank Crisis Swamped the Pescanova Seafood Empire

IMF fears Fed tapering could reignite euro debt crisis

Siemens Earnings Firm Warns It Will Miss Profit Margin Forecast

The good the bad or the ugly, how the UK economy stands up

Travelers Ins to lay off 180 in Syracuse

U.S. Factories Continue to Struggle, Industria Data Show


Cov-lite loans soar in dash for yield

Bad Debts Rise at Portugal's Banks

BIS records startling collapse of eurozone interbank loans

Denmark Slashes Its Forecast for Growth

Europe's austerity-to-growth shift largely semantic

Flippers Ride Housing Wave

France worse off than UK in the 1970s Axa chief

Global shock as manufacturing contracts in US and China

Goodyear Gets No Viable Offers for Its French Tire Plant

Home Sales Power Optimism

IMF Forecasts Lower China Growth, Warns on Debt

OECD Sees Weaker Recovery


Ax hovers over food stamp program as costs grow

Bernanke Says Pessimists Wrong as Innovation Spurs Growth

Canada's shift to a nation of temporary workers

Carney issues warning to Europe about economy

Detroit fiscal crisis, City clearly insolvent emergency manager says

Europeans must face up to propects of massive debt restructuring

Ford backs out of Australia as BRIC nations drive change

France slips into triple-dip as euro zone recession drags

Germany sees economy improving markedly in second quarter

GM Narrows Quarterly Loss in Europe, Outperforming Ford

Greek youth unemployment close to 75% in some areas

Home Supply Limited by Americans Lacking Equity to Sell


After Years of Growth, Banks Are Pruning Their Branches

Auto Makers Post Healthy Sales Gains

Bank of Cyprus executes depositor bail-in

Bank Rally in U.S. Seen Fading as Revenue Trails 35% Profit Jump

BofA Chief Moynihan Said to Summon Managers for Revenue Push

Bundesbank declares war on Mario Draghi bond bail-out at Germany's top court

California Pension May Ask for 50% Boost to Close Gap

Car Loans Grow Longer as Prices Rise

Caterpillar laying off 460 in Decatur

Consumer Prices in U.S. Fell in March on cheaper gasoline

Cypriot committee suspends probe into bank transfers list

Disney to Cut About 150 Movie-Studio Jobs


Australia Faces Massive Hit to Government Revenue

British banks may have 30bn in hidden losses

Case-Shiller; Home Prices Post Biggest Rise Since 2006

Detroit Lean Into Car Market Turn

EU Summit Set to Loosen Deficit Shackles

Euro-Area Unemployment Climbs to Record on Recession

Firms Send Record Cash Back to Investors

France's Towns Demand Rescue From Time Bomb of Dexia Loans

Global pool of triple A status shrinks 60%

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley Raise S&P 500 Forecasts for 2013

Greece Faces 150,000 Job-Cut Hurdle to Aid Payment Euro Credit

Investors Pile Into Housing, This Time as Landlords


Bank of England mulls negative interest rates

Bernanke's Stimulus Spurring U.S. Employment in Housing

BlackRock Sounds Covered Bond Collateral Alarm Credit Markets

Business Loans Flood the Market

China Quietly Invests Reserves in U.K. Properties

Companies Fret Over Uncertain Outlook

Europe's Banks Urged to Cut Down All Capital-Heavy Units

Eurozone downturn worsens as business activity falls

JPMorgan Leads U.S. Lending Least of Deposits in 5 Years

Retiring at 75 or 80 could be the norm

Slower Productivity Will Limit U.S. Prosperity

Sober Look Too early to celebrate ECB's balance sheet reduction


A Dose of Its Own Medicine - Schauble's Secret Austerity Plan for Germany

AmEx Says U.S. Card Income Fell 42% as Loss Provisions Increased

Angelo Mozilo, Former Countrywide CEO, Claims He Doesn't Know What Verified Income Is

Baby, You're a Rich Man

Big Banks and Derivatives - Why Another Financial Crisis is Inevitable

Blackstone Steps Up Home Buying as Prices Jump

Blockbuster calls in administrators

Canadian Banking System Exposed

Capital One Misses Estimates on Increase in Reserves

Car Slump in France, Spain, and Italy Spells Gloomy 2013

City jobs numbers hit eight year low

Deutsche Bank Derivative Helped Monte Paschi Mask Losses

Euro Leaders Declaring Worst Is Over Turn to Economy Woes

Eurozone factory output dips but IMF insists economy is improving

Eurozone meltdown cannot be discarded in dangerous mix of global risks, warns World Economic Forum

FDR's policies prolonged Depresson by 7 years

Fed's Computer Models Pose Problems

Florida Defies Housing Rebound a Foreclosures Soar

Food Shortagaes in Venezuela Bigger Worry Than Constitution

German Government Cuts 2013 Growth Forecast on Euro Woes

German Housing Makes a Comeback

Greek State Firms are Facing Closure

Lennar Bets on Apartments

Secret Goldman Team Sidesteps Volcker After Blankfein Vow

U.K. Wage Growth Falls to a 21 Month Low

U.S. Retail Center Demand Slows Amid Sluggish Job Growth

World Bank Cuts Growth Forecasts as Developed Nations Lose Steam