2017 Articles of Interest


The Bonfire Burns On

Stockman Derides The Delirious Dozen of 2017

Siemens Laying off 6,900

Germany's Top Banks Offload Toxic Shipping Debt

America's Retail Apocalypse is Really Just Beginning

Ex Energy, US GDP Growth Is The Slowest Since 2010

Consumer Credit Both Accelerating and Decelerating Toward the Same Thing

GE's Dividend: Making the Cut



Behind The Potemkin Village

Demand Dearth


The Two Parts of Bubbles

Phillips Curve Doesn't Help Predict Inflation Fed Study Finds

Estimating Market Losses at a Speculative Extreme

Global Inflation Hits Lowest Level Since 2009

Meet "Aida" The Perfect Banker



Bears Gain On Bulls

Who Got Da Money?


What We Are After

Exponential Organizations Executive Summary

Debt Has No Consequences? Color Me Skeptical


Relentless Automation of Jobs

Mnuchin Wants Debt-Limit Increase

Treasury Yields and Rate Hike Odds

This is How Badly Uber is Eating Into Hertz

Clickbait: Bernanke Terrifies Stock Investors, Again

Regional Lender Loan Crash

Case Study in Depression and Denial


On Interventionistas and their Mental Defects

"Secular Low in Bond Yields Remains in the Future"

Brexit Optimism Misplaced

Translating Bonds and "Dollars"


The Impact of an $11 Minimum Wage in St. Louis

People Aren't Spending

Sluggish Housing Recovery

Shiller's CAPE - Is It Really Just B.S.?

Netherlands Vote On Wednesday

New On Your Dinner Tab/ A Labor Surcharge

Does Technology Destroy Jobs? If Not What Does?

PBGC Running Out Of Cash

Putting It All Together

US Share Buybacks Punch Below Their Weight


Un-payable Debts and an Existential EU Financial Crisis

How to Properly Measure the Economy

Euro May Already Be Lost

Robot-Run Supermarket

Impediments to Growth


Inside Amazon's Robot-Run Supermarket

New Home Sales Plunge

Politics vs Economics (small "e")

Labor Leverage

The U.S. Economy: Back on Track?

Perils of the Icarus Trade as the World Runs Short of Dollars

UK to Leave Single Market

Two Views on the New Year from Across the Pond

Global Debt Hits 325% of GDP