2019 Articles Of Interest


GE to Freeze Pensions for 20,000 Workers

HP to Cut Up to 9,000 Jobs in New CEO's Restructuring Plan

Grim Start to U.S. Auto Sales Stirs Alarm That Collapse Is Here


US Repo-calypse: The Ghost Of Failed Banks Returns

"How Can That Be?": Corporate "Profits Puzzle" Leads To Striking Divergence


Collateral Reserves: What Is Behind Record Low and Negative Yields

Gut Check


GDP Profit Revisions Really Highlight The Vulnerabilities

UK may be entering full-blown recession: budget watchdog

Stocks gain on Fed rate cut optimism; oil drops

Trump's tariffs trip up the all-American RV industry

Technically Speaking: The Bull Is Back, Bonds Say “No”


FedEx Slashes Prices to Fill Its Planes

Faltering Factories Cast a Dark Cloud Over Global Economy

Banks Report Growth in Sour Loans, Led by Credit-Card Debt


More What’s Behind Yield Curve: Now Two Straight Negative Quarters For Corporate Profit

Toxic Mess

Tesla's solar factory is exporting most of its cells

Ford Slashes 7,000 Jobs as Sweeping Disruption Hits Automakers

Syracuse’s job market is not so hot; it’s chilly everywhere in Upstate NY, too

JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon Warns Again On UST’s Even Though JPM Appears To Have Been Huge Buyers of UST’s


Hold the champagne, China is not recovering and cannot rescue the West again


Call Me Al

Hoisington First Quarter in Review

US Auto Sales Stumbled in First Quarter

Heavy-Duty Truck Orders Hit the Brakes in March


Fed May Retain Bias to Hike Interest Rates

Slump, Downturn, Recession; All Add Up To Sideways

GDPNow Initial Estimate of 1st Quarter GDP 0.3 Percent

76,835 Job Cuts in February, Most in Over 3.5 Years-Retail Leads the Cuts

Ford to Slash More Jobs But Won't Say How many, VW to Kill 7,000 Jobs

Decline of Globalization


How Low Interest Rates Can Freeze the Economy

Federal Reserve Survey Shows Tighter Lending Standards, Weakening Credit Demand

Tight Money Gets Tighter

Farm Belt Bankruptcies Are Soaring

The U.S. Yield Curve Isn’t as Boring as It Seems

Smattering of Contradictory Data Confounds Economists

Trucker New England Motor Freight Files for Bankruptcy